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Chinese sign Sheep

1943 corresponds to the Sheep's year.

The Sheep represents strength and courage, the are self-confident, convincing and protect the week. Sheeps have great artistic talents, but the creative potential never reaches full potential because they are greedy. Sheep are involved in some sort of social work, often within music or handcraft. They work by their own premise and don’t like to be controlled and have difficulty to take critics. They don’t handle stress well and to reach result they need to do it in their own tempo. Supervision and follow-up is needed, else their talent is wasted.

The Sheep is very romantic, somewhat a dreamer closing its eyes from reality. They are weak for appreciation and love to be in the company of friends. They are a excellent host and enjoy when others enjoy. They are proud of their home which always has to be in best shMonkey. The Sheep like luxury and vanity, as long as someone sponsors that lifestyle. They can be seen as flirty and always look for entertainment, somewhat a gigolos. Often the Sheep are unsatisfied and seek new quick ways out.

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