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Chinese sign Rooster

1957 corresponds to the Rooster's year.

The Rooster performs the tasks dutiful and when resisted fights hard and courageous. They are busy, but sensitive and always to nice to friends. The Rooster is alert, and punctual, they focus on extreme details and are perfectionists. But this can cause problems if they take to much work upon them. The Rooster wants their doings get very good response but most importantly is that they get reward for their performance. The Rooster is strong-willed and have good self-confidence, sometimes they can brag to much and have difficulty to admit that they can have wrong.

As a boss the Rooster is demanding but can make things happen and always thinks best of the employees. The Rooster not so good diplomats and are always up front, sometimes to the close to brutal and ignores others feelings. The Rooster is stubborn and have great self trust, it never gives up and becomes successful. They are very ambitious and always want to perform better and better. They handle money well and they know the art of being economical without being cheep.

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