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Chinese sign Dog

1994 corresponds to the Dog's year.

Dogs are loyal, credible, merciful and always ready to give a helping hand. They always defend their family and friends when slandered, but can be disappointed sometimes when the favor is not appreciated or returned. Although their friendly nature sometimes they refuse so see warning signs concerning their behavior to close ones which can cause problems. Dogs are only angry for acceptable reasons, but are not remembrance of things long past. The dog always play by the rules and are honest. Dogs are direct and its either black or white, if you have won their confidence then you have a friend for life.

Dogs always work very hard and are intelligent. They are very private and are good with discretion and are always successful in professions like law and psychology, often professions that require high morale. They don’t appreciate status and strive not to be in the center of attention, they always have both feet firmly planted on the ground. Dogs are well balanced and can combine tough professional carrier and a stabile family life.

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